• Forecasting the future is uncertain. Nonetheless, in the satellite space, there’s a trend for ever-increasing flexibility, capacity, and service availability in addition to increasingly lighter, more compact, more affordable, and ergonomic personal and ground terminals. It is possibly to seek out applications in satellite-oriented air traffic management, customized land mobile radio broadcasting, and aeronautical satellite communication. It is even to expect incessant gains with reference to intelligent space communications systems. More over new technologies are yet to be developed in the satellite communication space.

    • Artificial satellites
    • Navigation Satellite
    • Remote Sensing Satellite
    • Frequency Bands
    • Low, Medium, High Earth Orbit
    • Space Segment & Ground Segment
    • Space Segment & Ground Segment
    • Satellites Orbits
    • Satellite Link Parameters
  • The space conference is an entirely helpful for new research on space mission design. Just as space technology has advanced, the way we learn and work has changed dramatically in recent years. This conference combines the best research work and reference to cover the entire field, among the many features of this new approach are: Completely rewritten, updated, and expanded of Space Mission Analysis and Design, the most widely used text and reference in astronautics, covering a many topics. Such as human spaceflights, Missions to the Moon, Missions to Mars, Space Shuttle missions, Solar System probes.

  • Satellite sensors collect the data from Remote Sensing, satellite imagery and geospatial, and it greatly enhances a GIS mapping project as a source of information and data to support analysis and classification for geospatial assessment and modeling. This satellite conference deals with Special Issue and it report the latest advances and trends in the field of Remote sensing for spatial analysis and GIS applications addressing both original developments, new applications. Remote and distributed sensing for heritage site analysis

    • Earth science, social science and Earth observation
    • Data for geo-hazards risk mitigation and disaster
    • Fusion and integration of data from multiple sources
    • New tools and methods for multi-temporal analysis of lands
    • Remote sensing and geo informatics
    • Remote sensing and geo informatics
    • Spatial modelling and GIS applications
  • Earth science is a multidisciplinary science and its purpose is to study the Earth and it neighbors in space. The broadest scale of Earth system science brings along researchers across each the natural and social sciences, from fields such as ecology, economics, geology, glaciology, meteorology, oceanography, paleontology, sociology, and space science. The system of earth science assumes a dynamic interaction between the earth's spheres and their many constituent subsystems, the resulting organization and time evolution of these systems, and their stability or instability. Earth system science include systems geology and systems ecology, and many aspects of fundamental to the subjects of physical geography and climate science.

  • Aerospace And Mechanical Engineering

  • Advances in Antenna Technology


    Satellite and Space Communications

  • Geoscience And Geophysics

  • Satellite Networks

  • Military Satellites

  • Satellite communication has nowadays become very important due to its applications, this track focus on to explain about various types of satellites and their orbits. How the satellite phones can be used to communicate has also been explained. Including various advantages and disadvantages of satellite communication, an example of mobile satellite system has also been given. Our Globel satellite conferences also focus on the future researchers have developed a new antenna system which reliably transmits data via satellite with a high-bandwidth and which is suitable for mobile use.

    The mobile satellite conferences market is expected to register a CAGR of over 6.2% during the forecast period 2019 - 2024.

    Key companies

    Globalstar Inc.

    Ericsson Inc.

    Inmarsat PLC

    EchoStar Mobile Limited

    Iridium Communications Inc.

    Intelsat S.A

    Thuraya Telecommunications Company

    ViaSat UK Limited

    ORBCOMM EuropeHolding BV


  • Galaxy-Scale Satcom and Exploration Missions

  • 3D printing is very useful for aerospace application and it could become a major asset for Space travel in the future. This research on earth is already evolving quite fast and scientists are also finding different application for space technology 3D printed parts are sent to space, some technologies able to 3D print directly in small gravity or with in the vacuum of space are also developed. There are different challenges on 3D printing in space regarding the conditions, in this Satellite conference will benefit to learn about the last experiments and the most promising technologies developed in the sector

  • Signal Processing and Telecommunications

  • Space exploration is to explore outer space and which is use of space technology and it is enriches us in many ways. As we have a tendency to meet the challenges of area exploration, we have a tendency to gain valuable technology.Space exploration is also an exciting adventure. Space science has advanced information in other scientific fields, like of the most important benefits of space exploration has been the event of recent Technologies in Satellite 2020 and it collect data from every region of our planet.

    • Space science
    • Astronaut
    • Space science
    • Space flight
    • Space and survival
    • Deep space exploration
    • Space tourism
    • Exploration of Mars
    • Robotic spacecraft
  • Materials Science and Applications In Space

  • Earthquake and Structural Dynamics

  • Geology and Soil Science

  • This Satellite conferences examines recent and expected developments in the scientific capability to make seasonal-to-inter annual climate forecasts and discusses the types of forecasts that are likely to be socially useful. As background for readers unfamiliar with climate forecasting, and begin by discussing the distinction between weather and climate and how climate forecasts are made.

    Weather forecasts Future Research is to determine how the atmosphere evolves, and by collecting as much data and it measures about the current state of the atmosphere and using understanding of atmospheric processes

  • Integrating 5g And Iot With Satellite Networks