Integrating 5g And Iot With Satellite Networks

Description :

Integrating 5g And Iot with Satellite Networks sessions includes for the conference to enlighten younger researchers & aspirants with novel technologies and also bring together all the researchers to speak at the advances in satellite networks. These invited sessions will be an occasion for major researchers aim 5G satellite to present their standpoints and enhance understanding of deployment practices of 5G Satellite. This Special Issue solicits the submission of technical contributions from members of academia and industries that address some of the aforementioned challenges.

  • Novel architectures for hybrid M2M-satellite networks
  • Satellite-based backhaul for IoT traffic offloading
  • MAC schemes and routing in hybrid M2M-satellite networks
  • IoT and satellite remote sensing
  • Satellite-enabled sensors
  • IoT protocols optimization for insatellite-enabled sensors