Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Description :

There is no other time in Life when the arrangement of satisfactory and adjusted nourishment is of more noteworthy significance than during infancy and childhood. During this dynamic period of life described by quick development, improvement and formative versatility, an adequate sum and suitable organization of substrates both in health and disease are of key significance for development, utilitarian results, for example, perception and safe reaction, and the metabolic programming of long health and well-being. Pediatric nutrition is nothing but the dietary needs of infants. A diet is lacking of essential calories, minerals, vitamins, or fluids are considered as inadequate. The Colostrum is one of the great sources of nutrition for a newborn baby, which is a thick yellow fluid. Infant nutrition requirements should be demands that providing essential substances which will support the normal growth, functioning, development, and resistance to infections and diseases in children. While adequate nutrition is important throughout childhood, it is crucial during the first 5 years of a child’s life particularly so, in the first 2–3 years when rapid growth occurs and when the child is entirely dependent on the mother as well as family for food.