Neonatal Infection

Description :

Neonatal infection an ever increasing problem in the sick and vulnerable neonate which leads to Predisposition lies in the reduced immune defenses of the neonate – both specific and non-specific immunity. In neonates Specific immunity involves the action of immunoglobulin’s (IgG, IgA and IgM) and T lymphocytes. 
The three types of Neonatal Infections Incudes 
•    Intrauterine (Congenital) TORCH 
•     Intrapartum (up to 1st week) 
•    Post-natal (nosocomial) – from 7 days of life
 The Signs and Symptoms in neonate includes 
•    Tachypnoea
•    Apnoea
•    Hypoxia
•    Nasal flaring
•    Grunting
•    Irregular respirations