International Conference & Expo on
Pediatrics and Neonatology

 Theme  :  Advances in Pediatric and Neonatal Care

  November 23-24, 2020

 Crowne Plaza Dubai-Deira, Dubai

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Pediatrics Conference 2020

Coalesce Research Group is an USA based emerging open access publisher and International Conference Event organizer which owe to serve the scientific community by serving the high quality genuine research work from eminent scientists, professors, scientific research communities in all fields of medicine, clinical, life science, engineering and technology to the Research Scholars, Students, Libraries, Educational Institutions, Research center and industries with the aim of "Enhance your Research" in the respective fields.

Coalesce Research Group proudly announces the International Conference & Expo on Pediatrics and Neonatology to be held on November 23-24, 2020 in Dubai, UAE with the theme Advances in Pediatric and Neonatal Care. This would be the best platform for the all the medical researchers to share and gain the knowledge on current emerging trends of pediatrics. This 2-day event is designed in such a way that it focuses on a spectrum of researches both in Neonatology and Pediatrics. The conference comprises of Keynote lectures, Workshops, Symposia, Speaker talks, Exhibitions, Poster Presentations and B2B meetings.

Target audience includes:

  • Pediatricians
  • Neonatologists
  • Researchers
  • Professors   
  • Health Care Industries
  • Scientists            
  • Institutes-Medical Schools
  • Pediatric surgeons                   
  • Manufacturing Medical Device Companies
  • Students
  • Nurses
  • Pediatric Care Centers
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Perinatologists
  • Intensive care Specialists
  • Emergency Medicine Specialists
  • Data management companies
  • Obstetricians
  • Immunologists
  • Oncologists
  • Associations and societies
  • Training institutes
  • Young researchers
  • Physician assistants
  • Hospital administrators
  • Hospital general counsel

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Dear Colleagues

On behalf of Coalesce Research Group, we are inviting all the Pediatric Research Scholars globally to attend the International Conference & Expo on Pediatrics and Neonatology in Dubai, UAE on November, 23-24, 2020. The conference welcomes you all to present your latest researches and case studies. This is going to be one of the best platforms for all Pediatric Doctors, Pediatric Researchers, Pediatric Professors, Pediatric Faculty, Pediatric Students, Post degree Students, Pediatric Surgeons, Pediatric & Neonatal Nurse’s, Neonatologists, Pediatric Directors, Pediatric Deans, Emeritus Professors, and other medical researchers to connect and collaborate globally.


Neonatology is one of the subspecialties of pediatrics which deals with the medical care of newborn infants, especially the ill or premature babies. It is a specialty, usually practiced in the neonatal intensive care units, also know as NICU. The first month of life is defined as the neonatal period.


The branch of medicine involved in the medical care of infants, children is known as Pediatrics. Pediatricians play a major role in treating children. Some of the sub-specialties of pediatrics include Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, Pediatric Genetics, Hospice and Palliative Care, Neonatology, Pain Medicine, Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care, Pediatric Critical Care, Neuro Critical Care, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care.


NICU also known as Newborn intensive care unit provides 24x7 care to sick or premature babies. It is a well-equipped nursery in the hospital. NICU doctors and nurses are specially trained to give the sick baby the best possible care. PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) provides the highest level of medical care to critically ill infants, children, and teenagers.

Neonatal & Pediatric Nursing

Neonatal nursing is a subspecialty of nursing that works with the newborn infants who have a variety of problems such as prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations and surgical problems. Pediatric nursing deals with providing health and medical care for children from birth through their late teens. Pediatric nurses provide expert care to the child.

Neonatal & Pediatric Nutrition

Neonatal nutrition is one of the sensitive areas as the nutrient demands for preterm babies are extremely challenging to meet. And hence the growth faltering is a common issue. The primary and most important form of nutrition for neonates is breastfeeding. For the infants who cannot breastfeed; standard infant formulas should be given to support adequate nutrition and growth. Pediatric nutrition is another branch of Nutrition and Dietetics that deals with monitoring of proper nutrition intake and nutritional deficiencies in children.

Pediatric Vaccines

A variety of vaccines are given to newborn infants and children for their well-being. Vaccines usually provide active acquired immunity to a specific disease. Some of the neonatal & pediatric vaccines include Diphtheria, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Polio, etc.

Pediatric Immunology

Pediatric immunology deals with the study of immune system of children. It also includes the study and treatment of allergies in children.

Pediatric Endocrinology

Pediatric endocrinology deals with the study diseases of the endocrine system in children. The disease include diabetes and growth disorders.

Congenital Malformations & Birth Complications

Congenital malformations & birth defects are the defects present in a baby at birth. It may involve many parts of the body, including the heart, lungs, brain, liver, bones... Some examples include cleft lip and palate, spina bifida, heart defects, and Down syndrome.

Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgery deals with the surgery of infants, children and adolescents. Pediatric surgeons diagnose and treat children's surgical needs which include hernias, hydroceles, undescended testes and varicoceles. They also specialize in the surgical repair of birth defects.

Retinopathy of Prematurity

ROP (Retinopathy of prematurity) is an eye disease in premature babies. It can lead to blindness due to the cause of abnormal blood vessels in the retina.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Children need special eye care and attention. They experience a variety of eye problems, which are diagnosed and treated by Pediatric ophthalmologists. These problems include eye infections, Strabismus, Amblyopia, Blocked tear ducts, ROP, etc.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry deals with the treatment of dental problems in children from birth through adolescence. There are a number of pediatric dental problems which include tooth decay, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking, and early tooth loss.

Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology is concerned with medical and surgical treatment of ear, nose, and throat diseases in children.

Pediatric Pulmonology & Respiratory Disorders

Pediatric Pulmonology deals with the study of breathing problems in children. The common problems include Chronic cough, Wheezing, Pneumonia, Asthma, Cystic fibrosis, etc.

Pediatric Cardiology & Hematology

Pediatric Cardiology is a branch which deals with treating the child heart related issues. It concentrates on diagnosing different congenital heart defects in children. Pediatric Hematology is deals with the investigation of the cause, analysis, treatment, and prevention of sicknesses identified with blood.

Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric Neurology deals with the diagnosis, treatment and management of pediatric neurologic disorders. These disorders mainly include Seizures, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy or neuropathy.

Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Pediatric gastroenterology deals with diagnosis and treatment of defects in child's digestive system. Endoscopes is used to examine the inside of the digestive tract or obtain biopsies. Pediatric Hepatology deals with the study of defects in child'd liver.

Pediatric Dermatology

Pediatric dermatology deals with the study of skin disorders in children. Common procedures include protection from bites, stings, and photodamage; Managing dermatitis, Treatment of warts; Treating scabies and fungal infections.

Pediatric Psychiatry

Pediatric psychiatry comprises the diagnosis, treatment, aversion and recovery of neuropsychiatric and formative issue and conduct unsettling influences in children and grown-ups. Child psychiatry is generally called pediatric psychiatry. A few disorders like chemical imbalance or direct issue have critical ramifications for the child's improvement and alteration in adult life. It inspects the bio psychosocial factor that effects the improvement and course of mental issue and treatment response to various intercessions. Pediatric psychiatry is concerned with the analysis, treatment, and avoidance of mental disorders in children, teenagers. Treatment of Psychiatric disorders include: behavior therapy cognitive-behavior therapy, problem-solving therapies, etc.

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a condition where a child is significantly overweight for his or her age and height. Obese children can be affected with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Pediatric Orthopedics

Pediatric Orthopedics deals with the musculoskeletal system and treating injuries to bones, joints, ligaments, or tendons of children.

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

A pediatric oncologist specializes in research and treatment for cancers that develop in infants, toddlers, children, adolescents and teenagers. Many pediatric oncologists also specialize in hematology, which is the study and treatment of diseases related to the blood.

Pediatric Rheumatology

Pediatric Rheumatology is a speciality which aims to provide treatment for children with rheumatic diseases, especially arthritis.


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Speaker guidelines For Speakers: 
• Keep the number of slides in your Presentation to a minimum and follow the assigned slots.
• Please stop when signaled to do so by the Chair.
• Personal laptops should not be used unless in any unavoidable conditions.
• The Videos will not be recorded.
• Question Sessions, thanks and acknowledgement of the speakers will take place during the session or after completion of the session, so please stay until the end of the sessions.

For Poster
• Each poster should be approximately 1x1 M in Size The title, contents, text and the author’s information should be clearly visible even from 1-2 feet. • Present numerical data in the form of graphs, rather than tables.
• If data must be presented in table-form, keep it Simple to be easily understandable.
• Visuals should be simple, clear and bold. Avoid acronyms and mathematical notations as much as possible.
• Posters with 800-1000 words or less are perfect.
• Avoid submitting compactly packed, highly worded- count posters.
• Categorize your poster into subdivisions, e.g., Introduction, Methods, Results; Discussion, Conclusions, and Literature Cited.
• Use bright colors to enhance the better visibility besides your project; you can also include future research plans or questions 

Opportunities for Conference Attendees: For Researchers & Faculty:  
Speaker Presentations
Poster Display
Symposium hosting
Workshop organizing

For Universities, Associations & Societies:
• Association Partnering
Collaboration proposals
• Academic Partnering
Group Participation
For Students & Research Scholars:
• Poster Presentation Competition (Winner will get Best Poster Award)
Young Researcher Forum (Award to the best presenter)
• Student Attendee
Group Registrations

For Business Speakers:
Speaker Presentations
• Symposium hosting
• Book Launch event
Networking opportunitie
• Audience participation For Companies:
• Exhibitor and Vendor Booths
• Sponsorships opportunities
• Product launch
• Workshop organizing
• Scientific Partnering
• Marketing and Networking with clients

Abstract Peer-review Process/Guidelines:
• The Reviewing Committee of Pediatrics Conferences ensures high-quality peer review process for all abstracts submitted to the conference.
• The decision of abstract acceptance will be judged by a panel of experts emphasizing whether the findings and/or conclusions are novel and make useful contributions to the field.
• The committee operates a single / double-blind peer review process for all the abstracts submitted, where both the reviewer and the author remain anonymous. 

The following are the steps that each abstract of Pediatrics Conferences undergoes during the process of peer review: 
• All submitted abstracts are reviewed by internal editorial team to ensure adherence to the conference scope and abstracts which have passed this initial screening are then assigned to the session chair / review committee for evaluation.
• Once the reviews have been received, the review committee decides to accept or reject a manuscript, or to request revisions from the author in response to the reviewers’ comments. If the decision tends to be minor revision or major revision, authors will be given 14 days to resubmit the revised abstract. Criteria to be considered for Scoring:

The abstract should be reviewed according to the following criteria:
• Originality of concept/approach and level of innovativeness
• Significance/impact/relevance to conference theme
• Quality of research design/theoretical argument
• Conclusions and interpretations of results

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Why to attend:
Presenting Your Organization’s Work on a Global Stage:
As a speaker you will be presenting to a room full of senior eminent personalities from all over the world, each providing a different perspective from the sector. Your organization’s expertise and knowledge will be showcased to key players in the field of Pediatrics & Neonatology, and will be a unique platform to increase your reputation within the sector.
New Places; New People:
Each time will be held at a different place, new and different people will attend globally. This can enlarge building collaborations and help you in developing new relationships.
Learn From Other Speakers:
As a speaker you will be provided with free access to three days of the conference and associated workshops and will be given the opportunity to hear from other senior representatives from the sector and consider problems and solutions in the field of pediatrics and Neonatology, our numerous Q&A sessions and panel discussions.
Discuss And Overcome Issues In The Field:
This conference offers unrivalled opportunities to work with other key leading experts from the Universities and Hospitals to discuss the main challenges in the sector and to come together to produce strategies to find solutions to these problems Competitive Advantage: You’ll stand out if you’re a sponsor and your major competitors aren’t. If your competitors have already decided to be sponsors, your sponsorship becomes even more important, to assert your comparative market strength and your commitment to healthy products.
Leading a Workshop:
By leading one of the renowned Workshops, you will be presented with a perfect forum for an in depth discussion and debate into a key issue. These sessions can vary in format from case-study-led debate with interactive breakout sessions with a presentation based discussion group on a topic that may need a particular in-depth focus.
The Opportunity to Collaborate and Sponsor:
While we determine our conference theme and flow, we invite our key sponsors to suggest potential speakers, Delegate and topics that might also enhance the program. That’s why it’s important to commit early to sponsorship, before the program is final.
To increase your presence at the event, why not chair the event, a day, or a specific session to present yourself and your organization as one the leading players in a specific topic area? As a chair, you will work closely with us and our line-up of senior level speakers to ensure an event’s success.

Most of the attendees participate from:
Asian Universities includes Kabul Medical University, University of Bahrain, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, The University of Medicine Yangon, University of Health Sciences, Capital Medical University, The University of Tokyo Hospital, The University of Jordan, American University of Beirut, University of Malaya, Ben-Gurion University, University of the Philippines Manila, National Taiwan University, The Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand, Istanbul University, The United Arab Emirates University, Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University

Asain Hospitals inlucdes Children's Hospital of Fudan University, Women and Children Medical Centers in Indonesia, Mofid Children's Hospital, Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Medical Center, Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital, National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for Children, Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara, Philippine Children's Medical Center, Seoul National University Hospital, King Abdullah Specialist Children HospitalKK Women's and Children's Hospital, National Taiwan University Children's Hospital, Samitivej Children's Hospital, Amerikan Hastanesi, Al Jalila Children's Speciality Hospital

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Organizing Committee

D.A. Safin

D.A. Safin

Center of the Vascular Pathology | Russia


Deepak Agrawal

Deepak Agrawal

Mangal Nursing Home | India


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John Denis Hardy

John Denis Hardy

Emirates International Hospital | UAE


Anne-Frederique Naviaux

Anne-Frederique Naviaux

Summerhill Mental Health Centre | Ireland


Deepak Agrawal

Deepak Agrawal

Mangal Nursing Home | India


CS Devulapalli

CS Devulapalli

Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration | Norway


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