Climate Change and Occupational Health

Description :

The main factors in Climatic change that arises the risk of injuries associated with extreme weather events are the type and location of Occupational activity involved and where it is carried out. Climate change puts potential impacts on occupational health and safety as it varies from climatic zones to others as it consider impact of climate change in tropical zone is different from temperate Climatic zones. A climate change projection includes air pollutions, ultraviolet radiation, extreme weather events and other aspects. Occupational health affects due to climate change may cause by air pollutants including ozone, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds and other greenhouse gases that increases severity and frequency of air pollution. Now, due to such effect, people in working sectors could have symptoms of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases along with ground level ozone increase in respiratory track could increase asthma attack. Now, exposures to UV Radiation in working sectors could lead to development of skin cancer and also can lead to other diseases. Environmental Monitoring includes watching as Natural disasters can also induce sinus congestions, risks of accidents in working areas.

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Heat-stress and thirst
  • Quenches