Healthcare and Primary Care

Description :

Healthcare is the act of opting necessary or preventive medical procedures for maintaining or restoring physical, mental or emotional wellbeing of a person by administration of medicine, surgery or other alterations. Healthcare is especially delivered by trained and licensed professionals typically offered through a healthcare system.
Primary care is the everyday healthcare delivered by healthcare professional or provider. It is the initial point of consultation of patients with the healthcare system and coordinates with other specialist care the patient needs. Patients generally receive primary care from healthcare professionals such as physicians (general practitioners or family physician), nurse practitioners, physician assistant or a licensed independent practitioner such as a physiotherapist. Further depending upon the health condition, patient may be referred to secondary or tertiary care.

  • Occupational Health And Safety
  • Healthcare And Patient Safety
  • Healthcare And Nutrition
  • Healthcare And Family Medicine
  • Healthcare And Vaccination
  • Healthcare And Community Health
  • Cardio metabolic Health- Diabetes, Obesity &  Metabolism