Description :

Its a medical proceduure used primarly to deal with infertility.It consists procedures such has invitro fertilisation and also includes  intracytoplasmic sperm injection  (ICSI),cryopreservation of embryos,and it also refered as a fertility treatment

  • Time Laps
  • MAP in premature ovarian insufficiency
  • MAP and ethics
  • Autologue and heterologue donation
  • Adnexal diseases and MAP
  • Endocrine disorders and medically assisted procreation
  • The anovulatory patient
  • Endometriosis and assisted reproduction
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation
  • Ovulation induction
  • Techniques in MAP
  • The infertile couple
  • Reproduction, the Immune system and oxidative stress
  • Mechanisms of follicle selection and development
  • Stem cells and human reproduction
  • Embryo implantation and development