Description :

Gynecologic oncology is a particular field of medical science that centers around tumors of the female genitalia. Which is uterine cancer nearly 80,000 women were diagnosed with gynecologic cancers ovariane cancersis found to be the 2nd most common gynecologic cancers.

  • Pregnancy and cancer
  • Hormonal therapies for gynecological cancers
  • New concepts in radio/chemotherapy
  • Conservative approaches to gynecological cancers
  • Clinical management of gynecological cancers
  • Border-line and pre-tumoral lesions
  • HPV and HPV vaccines
  • Screenings for gynecological cancers
  • Proteomics for cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Stem cells and gynecological malignancies
  • Hormones and gynecological cancers
  • Genes and gynecological cancers