Food laws & Safety

Description :

By and large "sustenance law" is utilized to apply to enactment which manages the creation, exchange and treatment of nourishment and henceforth covers the guideline of sustenance control, sanitation and pertinent parts of sustenance exchange. Least quality prerequisites are incorporated into the sustenance law to guarantee the nourishment's created are unadulterated and are not exposed to any deceitful practices planned to cheat the buyer. Moreover, nourishment law should cover the absolute chain starting with arrangements for creature feed, on-ranch controls and early handling through to definite circulation and use by the shopper.

  • Food Safety & Advanced Techniques in Food Control
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point
  • Food Authenticity & Traceability
  • Codex Alimentarius
  • Food Grading
  • Food Manufacturing Practices
  • Food Labelling, Inspection & Insecurities
  • Food & Drug Administration Acts and Laws