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Aquaculture, otherwise called aqua farming, is the cultivating of fish, shellfish, molluscs, sea-going plants, green growth, and different creatures. Aquaculture includes developing freshwater and saltwater populaces under controlled conditions, and can be diverged from business angling, which is the collecting of wild fish. Mari-culture alludes to aquaculture rehearsed in marine situations and in submerged natural surroundings.

  • Aquaculture Laws, Regulations & Policies
  • Aquaculture Economics
  • Culture of Shrimp, Oyster, Alga culture, Mari culture, Crust
  • Fish Biology: Immunology, Physiology & Pathology
  • Diseases in Aquaculture & its Management
  • Marine Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology & Genetics in Aquaculture
  • Aquatic Nutrition Delivery and Feeding Practices
  • Advances in Aquaculture Nutrition
  • Aquaculture & Bio Systems Research