Agriculture Engineering

Description :

Agricultural Engineering is the region of building worried about the plan, development and improvement of cultivating hardware and apparatus. Rural architects incorporate innovation with cultivating. For instance, they plan as good as ever cultivating hardware that may work all the more productively, or perform new errands. They plan and fabricate horticultural foundation, for example, dams, water repositories, distribution centers, and different structures. They may likewise help engineer answers for contamination control everywhere cultivates. Some agrarian architects are growing new types of bio-fuels from non-nourishment assets like green growth and horticultural waste. Such fills could financially and reasonably supplant fuel without imperiling the nourishment supply.

  • Precision Farming, Remote Sensing & Variable Rate Technology
  • Agricultural Production & Systems
  • Sensor Technology in Agriculture
  • Agriculture Waste Management
  • Polymers in Agriculture
  • Nanotechnology in Agriculture
  • Bio-process & Bio Systems of Agriculture
  • Advanced Agriculture Machinery