Agriculture Chemistry

Description :

Rural science is the investigation of both science and organic chemistry which are significant in agrarian creation, the preparing of crude items into nourishment and drinks, and in ecological observing and remediation. These investigations stress the connections between plants, creatures and microscopic organisms and their condition. The study of compound organizations and changes engaged with the creation, security, and utilization of harvests and animals. As a fundamental science, it grasps, notwithstanding test-tube science, all the existence forms through which people acquire sustenance and fiber for themselves and feed for their creatures. As a connected science or innovation, it is guided toward control of those procedures to expand yields, improve quality, and decrease costs. One significant part of it, chemurgical, is concerned predominantly with usage of farming items as compound crude materials. And so forth.

  • Waste Water & its Treatment
  • Water Resources & Management Techniques
  • Applications of Natural Products
  • Green Organic Synthesis
  • Biosynthetic Enzymes & its Impact
  • Organic & Inorganic Agricultural Chemistry
  • Nitrogen Fixation: Novel Methods & Applications
  • Low Carbon Agriculture
  • Agro Chemicals: Application & Technology