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Crowd Reviews is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd. The crowd consists of Internet users which have experienced products and services first-hand and have an interest in letting other potential buyers their thoughts on their experience. is driven by an algorithm allowing for both customers and providers of products and services to understand how the rankings are determined. The service can be used by potential buyers to learn more about their vendors prior to making a purchasing decision.


Manuscript Edit, your online partner for Scientific & academic paper English language editing, proofreading, medical writing, formatting, design & development, and journal publication support services.


JSB Conferences

JSB Conference aims at bringing together the key players, building ideas, connections and actions for the community of experts from the leading industries. 
The focus primarily is to influence the future business and the market. 
As a digital bridge, JSB Conference associates as “Media Partners” and assures right audience to set the agenda. 


10 Times

To meet to right opportunities you need to be at right place at right time with right information and meeting right people. Events are the perfect example and provide perfect platform for connecting with right opportunities. Our team gathers information about every event on a regular basis to ensure our data is fresh. Our vast community of event goers share their reviews and photos, so you have all that you need to make an informed choice.


All Conference Alerts

All Conference Alert is an online portal that will let you choose the conference that is tailor-made for you. Conferences are beneficial to every person in their respective field. This is the space where like-minds interact and share knowledge in their area of interest. This online gateway grants access to various workshops, conferences, seminars etc. being held in worldwide which welcomes audiences of any group like students, teachers, professors or even working people who are interested in the many topics. People from across the globe are welcome to attend these conferences and this portal gives every detail that you will need to know about attending an international conference.


International Conference Alert

International Conference Alerts provides details about the upcoming academic conferences, seminars and workshops to be held worldwide. Academician and professionals can get their relevant updates and conference alerts through International conference alerts.